Bio Bay Tour...When you read the reviews online...You have to remember this tour is an all natural view of the bay.  The trip getting there, entering the water with the kayaks, the rules setup by the government of Puerto Rico (which are set-up to protect the bay).  It is not a polished Fun Park with a ride - it is all natural earth experience amazing trip with an extraordinary sight - sure to leave you with an appreciation of the world we live in.  

-Enjoy your Amazing visit and time in Vieques with Fun Brothers!

Informative and FUN!

Reviewed January 2019

Great Bio Bay tour and scooter hire

Luke -Townsville, Australia

Booked a bio bay tour through these guys as they were the only ones who could fit us in that night and we had a awesome experience!  Our tour guides were informative and fun, they gave us info about the bay while out on the water and gave us ample time to explore.  Glass bottom kayaks too made the water look like shooting stars under the kayak.  A must do if you're in Vieques!!

Free to Explore - the lights are Dazzling!

-Reviewed December 2018

George V. Middletown, New Jersey

Amazing tour conducted by the friendliest people on the Island.

We had a wonderful experience on the Fun Brothers Bio Bay tour.  From booking the reservation Carlie and Janelle to our tour guides every minute was a fantastic experience.  The tour starts with a nice kayak ride to the middle of the bay.  Very relaxing and utterly stunning on the night of a new moon.  The guides would then gather the group together and give some facts about the bio bay in Vieques, not too long but just the right amount of info.  From there you are free to explore, the lights are dazzling.  Whether you dip your hand in the water and watch it light up or get a chance to see a school of fish leaving trails of blue light as they dart this way and that or just watch the glass bottom which looks like galaxies whooshing by as you sail through the water, a truly memorable experience.  I highly recommend The Fun Brother's Bio Bay tour.

I Still Can't Believe How Good They Were To Us!!!

-Reviewed July 17, 2018

Francis L

I Still Can't Believe How Good They Were To Us!!!

My wife and I decided to rent a kayak from Fun Brothers to explore the tiny island south of Vieques.  We were warmly greeted by Carly, who was extremely helpful and gave us a couple of valuable tips.  The kayak was in great shape and we had no trouble kayaking from beach to beach - this is a must do when in Vieques (aside from the Bio Bay visit).  When we returned the kayak, Carly gave us a very fair price, which made the whole experience just that good.

Just when I was about to leave Vieques, I realized that I had lost my wedding band.  Desperate to find it before my ferry left, I somehow decided to let Carly know at Fun Brothers about my predicament.  She said not to worry, I'll ask around for you.  And guess what?  She actually tracked down the person who found the ring, then mailed it back to us without asking for postage costs.  If this isn't exceptional service, then I don't show what is anymore.