Bio Bay Tour...When you read the reviews online...You have to remember this tour is an all natural view of the bay.  The trip getting there, entering the water with the kayaks, the rules setup by the government of Puerto Rico (which are set-up to protect the bay).  It is not a polished Fun Park with a ride - it is all natural ...what you experience on this amazing trip is an extraordinary sight - sure to leave you with an appreciation of the world we live in.  -Enjoy your visit and time in Vieques with Fun Brothers!


Reviewed November 17, 2014

Bioluminescence tour!!!

Our guide was Nelson, who picked us up at the cabin gave us lifejacket rules before the tour we were about 9 people in the group.  I was worried because i had never been paddling.  Nelson gave instructions to paddle on the shore - was well organized when we were on the shore.  We paddled across the bay (about 3 miles) all the bay is like magic.  Showed us the amazing mangrove the mouth of the bay and explained the characteristics of the microorganisms - was excellent.  thanks Nelson and Malian

Steven2111 Indonesia

"If you are game a Scooter is a fine way to see the Island”

Visited January 2013 

Rented a scooter from Fun Brothers for five days. Used it to see the whole island, all the beaches in the Wildlife Refuge, Isabel II, Mosquito Pier, Green Beach, etc. My wife and I loved the experience and the freedom and believe that we saw more than those who rented a jeep and drove around with the windows up. Parking was never an issue and it was a refreshing experience. Fun Brothers has Zuma Scooters which comfortably accommodate two people. No issues with their service. Yes, it is $50/day. But our scooter was only one year old and in good condition.

"Can't Say Enough"

Visited February 2013 

Wonderful wonderful experience to Bio Bay. Hit a home run. Very professional and knowledgeable about the bay and what makes it work and sustainable. Our guide was from California/Nevada and communicated very well. Fun to be around and courteous. Cost was very competitive and well worth the price at $40. One of those things that will rank very high on your "I've done that" list that you can tell your grand kids about...... I would highly recommend these guys over anyone else in the game due to their customer service and can do attitudes. Go with Fun Bros!

"Went with Fun Brothers"

Visited February 2013

Ranked up there with things i would tell my kids you need to do before you die.  Magical place that I hope stays protected.  Fun Brothers was hands down as good of an operation like that as i have been with.  Great knowledge and service.  Go!

"Satisfied Customer -- helpful and convenient"

Reviewed November 27, 2013

We visited Vieques at a fairly quiet time of year and stumbled upon the fun Brother's Hut on our first day.  Boy, was that a find.  We rented kayaks, snorkel gear, paddle boards and a scooter.  We also went out on a Bio Bay tour with the group one night.  It was a small crew being that it was my boyfriend and I and two other couples, but the guide was informative and we had plenty of gear. It actually rained the night we went out which made for an amazing sight on the water. The tour was just right in I began to wear down the guide said we were headed in which was great because a post tour refreshment was calling my name. Honestly though I think our best decision of the week was renting the scooter. Being on the scooter made adventuring around the island so easy and accessible. We went to so many beaches and explored all kinds of neighborhoods. The guys at the hut helped us master the scooter before taking off thankfully because I had never ridden before and my boyfriend only had limited experience. Overall we were very satisfied and hope to return for another visit sooner rather than later.